Export to China

There is plenty of NZ public debate about how to export to china.

Ever wondered how to export to China? Consider this data:

  • 9.6 million km2
  • 1.37 billion Consumers
  • According to the EIU, the size of the Chinese economy will grow to nearly USD$13 trillion a year by 2015.

If you are one of many people who heading toward to this huge market and willing to know more about how to export to China, Connie is the right person to talk to.
With over 16 years excellent business experience in China, we are your right key to open the door, your outsourced Marketing & Development team help you sell to China:

A.   Be your independent Chinese market developer and sell for you as your strategic partner.

B.   Hire our marketing & development service to help your business establish in China. (details)

C.   Hire our marketing & development service to help distribute your product to China:

1.    Travel in China – Assistance for your business trip to China

  • Business investigation or research
  • Visiting exhibitions
  • Visiting key people
  • Networking
  • Other purposes

2.    SALES – We can be your independent strategic marketing partner and sell for you in China, helping you answer the question of “how to export to China”

3.    MARKET ENTRY – Help your business get established in China

  • A company (trading)
  • A factory (manufacturing)
  • A branch office / representative office
  • A Co-partnership: find reliable & market competitive partners

4.    DISTRIBUTION – Help you develop or increase your distribution network in China, such as

  • Agent
  • Distributor
  • Dealer
  • Direct sales partner

5.    MANAGEMENT – Help your management in China

  • Empowering your business success in China: Marketmine

    Empowering your business success in China: Marketmine


  • Promotion & BrandingSales planning & management
  • Financial analysis & forecasting
  • Project management
  • Risk management
  • Public relations, Networking and Relationship facilitation
  • Coaching and training
  • Agreement, forms, documents


Find a manufacturing partner in China (a factory, including OEM and any kind of  processing)

7.    DEVELOPMENT – For your decision making, you would need our professional strategic development service:

Export 21)    Market research (scope and examines all aspects of Chinese business environment)

  • Ecology (Geography & population statistics, History and culture, affects consumer behaviour, affect the firm production process)
  • Environmental factors (market structure, competitors& competitive advantage, Waste disposal, Energy consumption, Pollution monitoring etc.)
  • Legal factors (related law and regulations, Codes and standards of respective markets, Health and safety, Product safety, Advertising regulations, Product labelling, labour laws etc)
  • Potential supplies (labour supply, material suppliers, service provider)
  • Political factors (Taxation Policy, Trade regulations, Governmental stability, Unemployment Policy etc.)
  • Economical factors (Economic trends, analysis and report, currency, Inflation rate, Growth in spending power, Rate of people in a pensionable age, Recession or Boom, Customer liquidations)
  • Socio-cultural (age distribution, education levels, income level, consumerism, population growth, life expectancies, expectation of society from the business)
  • Technological factors (technological advances, E-commerce, Internet, Social Media)

2)    Product research

  • Existing product in the targeted market
  • Product comparison with the market share, function, design, technology, price, warranty & service etc.
  • New technology

3)    Industry factors (Industry statistics, analysis & the future 5 years forecast report are available)

  • Industry history, news &trends
  • Statistics
  • Analysis
  • Forecast
  • Groups & Organisations
  • law and regulations
  • Certification /  licence required
  • Competition
  • Import / Export related (Ports, Custom clearance, Duty tax, Payment terms, Shipping etc.)
  • NZ-China Free Trade Agreement
  • Relevant info

4)    Statistic planning & development

  • Pricing
  • Distribution
  • Service
  • Branding
  • Market segments
  • Channel segments
  • Goal setting
  • Financial analysis and forecasting
  • Marketing strategies and key components to achieve the goals.
  • Promotion
  • Media

5)    Consultant and advice for any angle of Chinese business

6)    Chinese business etiquette & culture

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